Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Protect and Treat

Solar Protection SPF 58

Great for sensitive and acne prone skin. Contains only zinc and titanium No fragrance or oil.

Price: $29.00



DCL High Potency Body Moisturizer

This is a super hydrating moisturizer for severely dry skin conditioning.

Price: $15.00



DCL Moisturizing Cream SPF 25

An excellent face and body moisturizer that also offers UVA.UVB protection

Price: $18.00



DCL Profoundly “A”

Delivers a powerful dose of vitamin A to help reduce the signs of aging and improve elasticity and texture of skin

Price: $20.00



DCL Super Rich Eye Cream

Combines vitamins A, C & E with intense moisture binding ingredients

Price: $23.00



Elon Matrix Hair Essential Vitamins

Provides essential building blocks for healthy hair growth with a complete multi-vitamin promotes hair strength, luster, and body from the root. Stronger, healthier hair in 4-6 months.

Price: $36.00



Glytone Saltoner Acne Toner

An effective agent to penetrate pores, breakdown comedones (acne pimples) and remove excess oils. Leaves the skin refreshed and “squeaky clean”

Price: $21.00



Rezamid Acne Treatment Lotion

Rapidly dries and clears pimples, gentler on your skin color. Color adjustable cover-up

Price: $21.00



MD Forte Facial Cleanser II

(10% glycolic compound)
Gentle Cleanser that removes daily residue, make-up, and oil without harshness to reveal softer smoother skin

Price: $28.00



Tarsum Shampoo gel 10/5

Controls itching, flaking and redness associated with psoriasis, seborrhiec dermatitis, and severe dandruff

Price: $23.00



Retinol Complex

This intense formula with vitamin A derivatives and pro-rtinoic acis enhances skin texture through exfoliation

Price: $53.00



Derma Zinc

Is a super hydrating moisturizer for severely dry skin conditions.

Price: $15.00



Vivite Hydrating Cream (glycolic free)

Unique anti-irritant complex provides anti-inflammatory properties to calm and sooth vulnerable skin. Ideal when extra gentleness and skin hydration are desired. Vitamins A. C & E

Price: $46.00



Glo Minerals & Jane Iredale Mineral Make-Up

A beautiful mineral based make-up. Non-comedegenic and excellent for the most sensitive skin. Amazing natural coverage for facial redness and Rosacea. Sold exclusively to physicians.

Price: Pressed Powders $36.00 & up



Mineral Make-up Brushes

For the proper application and distribution of the make-up, this is a luxurious and necessary brush to complement the mineral make-up

Price: $29.00 & up



Glo Minerals: The Mint Balm

SPF 15 lip moisture treatment

Price: $12.00



Triple Paste

Works to relieve painful irritated skin. Ideal to treat diaper rash

Price: $35.00




New technology for the reduction of dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles

Price: $65.00



Solar Protection SPF 60 & 65 (Tinted)

A complete light protective product. Blocks out the complete light spectrum. A necessity for the photosensitive individual and those concerned about the damaging effects of the sun

Price: $28.00



Teamine Concealer

Anti aging eye complex to reduce the dark circles

Price: $60.00



Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Mist

Instant tint, non streaking, long lasting and paraben free.

Price: $33.00



Niadyne Treatment & Scrub

This revolutionary product contains niacin. Helps to repair the skin barrier. A great addition to vitamin A. especially good for sun damaged skin and any condition which the skins protective barrier is compromised. The srub is a gentle exfoliator that contains jojoba beads. Will not strip the skin and can be used once a d ay every day.

Price: Niadyne Skin Strengthening Complex $85.00
Niadyne Scrub $35.00



TNS Eye Repair

The ultimate eye treatment cream formulated with Nouri Cel-MDides, high concentration vitamins A, C, & E and hyaluronic acid to dramatically improve the appearance of the delicate skin area around the eyes.

Price: $90



Scar Treatments

Kelocote Skin care for Scars

Helps scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne and stretch marks.

Price: $27.00



Cimeosol (Scar Treatment)

Can be worn under make-up and over sun screen. Highest quality medical grade silicone. Available in a gel.

Price: $30.00



Gel Sheeting

To treat larger areas and for older deeper more persistent scars. It is self adhering, reusable

Price: $30.00



South Nassau Dermatology Brand

SND Acne Cleanser

Contains salicylic and glycolic acid for oil and acne prone skin.

Price: $14.00



SND Acne Spot Treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide

To help dry up and treat acne

Price: $28.00



SND Acne Tone Gly/Sal Pads

A 2% salicylic acid and 5% proven acne-fighting ingredients.

Price: $18.00



SND Acne Tone Gly/Sal Pads

A 2% salicylic acid and 5% proven acne-fighting ingredients.

Price: $12.00



SND Body Lotion

Specially formulated to help achieve softer, smoother skin. Good for dry, flaky skin.

Price: $24.00



SND Classic Deluxe Moisturizer

An elegant medium weight moisturizer.

Price: $18.50



SND Cleanse Green Tea Cleanser

Fortifies cleanser is a rich, soap-free cleanser designed to gently cleanse and moisturize the skin without drying. Good for anti-aging, Rosacea and sensitive skin, post-procedure and dry skin.

Price: $23.00



SND Creams I, II, III

All three levels exfoliate, soften, and refine skin. Improves photo damage, roughness, and improves clarity. Ideal for all climates.

Price: Cream $23.00. Cream II $27.00, Cream III $31.00



SND Green Tea Serum

Light weight fast absorbing powerful antioxidant in a hyaluronic (humectant) base. Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. One bottle is equivalent to 500 cups of green tea.

Price: $63.00



SND Glycolic Lotion

A moisturizing lotion that had been formulated to help achieve smoother and healthier looking skin, texture, and tone.

Price: $17.00



SND Refresh Green Tea Toner

This toner is designed to remove oil and debris from the skins surface and leave the skin feeling invigorated and refreshed, contains glycolic acid and green tea extract.

Price: $21.00



SND Oil Free Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30

Great for acne prone skin or oily skin and for those who want a 2 in 1 product.

Price: $13.00



SND Sun Shield Spray SPF 30

Excellent to use on the body. Especially good for athletic outdoor types. Available for adults and children.

Price: $29.00



SND Ultra Lite Moisture Dew

Oil free, non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) moisturizer for the acne prone patient.

Price: $12.00



SND Clay Mint Mask

Deep cleanses pores, absorbs excess oils and improves the texture and tone of the skin

Price: $12.00